Topology optimization and design

Complex structural calculations can be solved within a relatively limited time with optimization tools that can solve complex structural issues.

The most advanced and innovative of the optimization tools is the topology optimization. Where one previously optimized a fixed topology, ie. optimizing a given design by means of shape or sizing optimization, we have the possibility of finding the optimal topology, ie by means of topology optimization.

Topology optimization is a mathematical method for optimizing mass distribution in relation to the strength of a product.

ENPRO engineers challenge the structural overcapacity of the product to reduce the amount of material and design optimize for Cost Out on both material and machining.

ENPRO's use of structural optimization has been expanded from being based on an existing product and the last part of the design process to now also be applicable in the conceptual design phase.

The use of 3D printing in metal and plastic opens up completely new applications and possibilities, we bring our customers at the forefront with "time to market" and value-creating solutions for our customers.

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Like any other company, EnPro has competencies that make us truly unique in our profession.

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