Product design and optimization

Ultra modern design workflow

​The comprehensive Toolbox within product development deals with eg. the latest 3D CAD technology including CATIA, Solid Works, ANSYS and CFD Fluid Dynamics SW, MatLab / simulink and advanced structural analysis tools such as BEM and FEM.

Our engineering team, quality technicians and industrial designers keep abreast of developments in the technical and material design options and ENPRO ensures through continuous and extensive investments that we are constantly at the forefront of development.

Optimal design workflows are often used in designing complex lightweight structures, such as. wind turbines, aircraft, landcraft and in the ship and space industry. Numerical optimization algorithms are used to determine the optimal combination of materials and structural topology, taking into account the function of the structure.

Structural analysis is based on design driving load examples and the relationship to the various failure phenomena.

Scope and the quality parameters are agreed individually before starting the cooperation based on the use of the product and with the delivery follows specified documentation packages.

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laese-logo-lille's strengths

Like any other company, EnPro has competencies that make us truly unique in our profession.

✓ ​Great technical know-how

We use the latest technology, equipment and facilities so we are always up to date.

✓ Close and persistent customer contact

We work to gain insight into our customers' market conditions, to perform the task as best as possible.

✓ ​Thinking innovatively and proactively

Our thinking also includes a great deal of flexibility and adaptability to each project.

✓ ​Young team with many years of experience

Our team will advise you on both possibilities and limitations in every project