Integrated Design Optimization

Advanced IT tools help bridge the gap between product and value, based on structural criteria such as strength and stiffness, topology optimization tools support our engineers in the optimization process as well as in the conceptual phase of the design process.

ENPRO guides our instincts and surroundings to minimize both energy consumption and the production challenges that may arise from performing a task. The motivation for this is to utilize the resources present in the most optimal or rational way. The focus on resources over recent decades has led to an increasing desire to minimize the consumption of, for example, the amount of material used in constructions or the consumption of energy.

Industrialization and mass production have meant that even a small saving on the individual components has major consequences for the total consumption, be it material, energy, etc. The method for achieving an optimal design has been borne by trial and error methods. The disadvantage of these methods is that, firstly, they are based on a "good first guess" ie. a great deal of experience within a particular problem. Secondly, one should not have quite a few unknown / variable factors before this process suffers a fatal defeat.

ENPRO engineers have the skills to optimize and transform topological geometries into manufacturable designs that create value.

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laese-logo-lille's strengths

Like any other company, EnPro has competencies that make us truly unique in our profession.

✓ ​Great technical know-how

We use the latest technology, equipment and facilities so we are always up to date.

✓ Close and persistent customer contact

We work to gain insight into our customers' market conditions, to perform the task as best as possible.

✓ ​Thinking innovatively and proactively

Our thinking also includes a great deal of flexibility and adaptability to each project.

✓ ​Young team with many years of experience

Our team will advise you on both possibilities and limitations in every project