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​EnPro strives for a high quality and lasting strategic partnership with our suppliers. The quality of the partners in terms of competence, flexibility and reliability and the quality of the interaction of the entire supply chain determine the satisfaction of our customers and thus the competitiveness of our company. To meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers for quality and flexibility in the future, we need capable partners who want to get involved beyond basic requirements and work together with us to meet the challenges of the future.

At EnPro, we prioritize close strategic win-win collaborations with key suppliers.

Integration, innovation, information, trust and openness are important reasons why we invest heavily and seriously in taking on strategic suppliers and developing logistics, products, new markets, new business models etc. jointly. First and foremost because it strengthens the competitiveness of the fight for customers of the future.

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laese-logo-lille's strengths

Like any other company, EnPro has competencies that make us truly unique in our profession.

✓ ​Great technical know-how

We use the latest technology, equipment and facilities so we are always up to date.

✓ Close and persistent customer contact

We work to gain insight into our customers' market conditions, to perform the task as best as possible.

✓ ​Thinking innovatively and proactively

Our thinking also includes a great deal of flexibility and adaptability to each project.

✓ ​Young team with many years of experience

Our team will advise you on both possibilities and limitations in every project