Project Management

EnPro executes project management for our clients across all disciplines.

Our dedicated and experiencedproject manager is all IMPA and PRINCE2 certified and all have many years of experience in executing and managing complex projects for success.

Together with the customer, we prepare a detailed project description and framework for the project (time, resources, content and project economics).

The projectorganization at EnPro consists of a dedicated Project Owner, project manager, project group, steering group and a reference group that is the link to our customer. 

Project processes

  1. Initiation. Define a new project. Createvisibilityaround frame and goals and demonstratehow the projectcan deliver thesegoals. 

  2. Planning. Determine the project's framework, definegoals and describestrategy as well as the tactics and actions thatmake the project a success. 

  3. Executing. The processesperformed to complete the tasks defined in the project plan. 

  4. ​Monitoring and controlling. The processes that involve assessing and arranging the project' sprogress.
  5. Closing. The processes that complete the project, knowledge recognition, project evaluations and documentation.

Project owner is responsible for the project description being drawn up, the project's stakeholders being involved in the process, the project framework being determined and the results in the form of earnings / savings being realized.

The steering committee is responsible for ensuring that the project is carried out according to project description, deciding course changes, deciding measuring points in the project for assessment of the course, the project's classification in relation to value for the company, obtaining / retaining resources for the project, informing the company purposefully about the project, setting / maintain agreed frameworks, approve project description, approve / follow up on project plans and make the necessary decisions.

The project manager is responsible for preparing the project description, the project task is resolved within agreed time, quality and resources, planning the project, leading the project work, informing and communicating regarding. project conditions.

The project group is responsible for solving tasks according to agreement on delivery deadline and quality, point out improvements, work for the project as agreed, be aware of / inform about problems / risks, report time consumption and progress to project manager, be ambassadors for the project.

The reference group is responsible for advising, participating in binding reviews of materials, analyzes and the like. and inform about the project.

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laese-logo-lille's strengths

Like any other company, EnPro has competencies that make us truly unique in our profession.

✓ ​Great technical know-how

We use the latest technology, equipment and facilities so we are always up to date.

✓ Close and persistent customer contact

We work to gain insight into our customers' market conditions, to perform the task as best as possible.

✓ ​Thinking innovatively and proactively

Our thinking also includes a great deal of flexibility and adaptability to each project.

✓ ​Young team with many years of experience

Our team will advise you on both possibilities and limitations in every project