Cost optimization

EnPro has many years of experience and competencies within cost optimization of mechanical constructions.

Often, a great deal of money can be saved on even small changes in the design and changes in material selection and thickness. And our customers will experience even more benefits if such a "cost-out project" is executed quickly and effectively in collaboration with EnPro's engineers.

In EnPro, we have many years of experience with fast and efficient cost-out projects focusing on the entire value chain. This means that at the same time we are looking at both product complexity, material selection, production and transport, but still maintain function, strength and all legal requirements.

With us you get a particularly smooth and efficient optimization process with many and fast iterations. The process includes a close integration between design and calculation software, a methodical approach to construction and a good deal of experience.

Green energy solutions have always been and still are a large part of our activities, and at the same time we go on hiring people with the right skills. Therefore, we do not distinguish between age, but employ talent, qualifications, commitment and experience.

We really like the dynamics and competence development that is created when our teams are composed of several subject areas, and new and old knowledge is exchanged. Hereby we ensure you the most competent solutions.

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laese-logo-lille's strengths

Like any other company, EnPro has competencies that make us truly unique in our profession.

✓ ​Great technical know-how

We use the latest technology, equipment and facilities so we are always up to date.

✓ Close and persistent customer contact

We work to gain insight into our customers' market conditions, to perform the task as best as possible.

✓ ​Thinking innovatively and proactively

Our thinking also includes a great deal of flexibility and adaptability to each project.

✓ ​Young team with many years of experience

Our team will advise you on both possibilities and limitations in every project